Abroad education consultancies India
Abroad education consultancies India


    Bachelor of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology

    My counselor name is Meera K S she provided me all information about the course and about Australia. She is approachable at any time and will clear our doubts. She contacts us regularly to tell about the next step that we need to do. It help us to do things fast and clear and the orientation class helped us to know more about our journey and the procedures in Airport and helped us more to know about Australia and about the University.

    Master of Nursing, University of Wollongong

    I am expressing my sincere thanks to Abe Services for to guidance to new life. Abe family, from the beginning onwards the team members explained the each steps and guide me well. Especially my student counselor Ms. Meera helped me throughout the processing. As the same way am really thankful Mr. Pradeep, who is the person introduced me to Abe Services. Abe Services team members (especially Meera) are always very friendly and cooperative. Now without any doubt I can say that, Abe Services is the better guidance overseas educations.
    After the submission of my application, I got visa within 8 days and I am so happy and thankful to all the members in Abe Services. I hope that I will suggest Abe Services to all my friends. Another interesting thing is that orientation class which is conducted by Mr. Phibin was very informative and interesting.
    Thank you

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University

    Myself Akhila Roy, after my higher secondary education, I opted Abe agency for my graduation admission in Federation University, Melbourne, Australia. Their co-operation from the introduction session to the final stage was really awesome. They described each and every point regarding the admission procedure with great patience and care. Even their interactions were really attractive and friendly. So, such friendly atmosphere really helped me to ask any doubts to them without any shyness. The introduction regarding the university and its course and fee structure are easy to understand. Since then, they took all the responsibility to go through all my needs and they were always ready to hear this at any time.
    Also my counselor Ms. Meera K S was very cooperative. She explained every documents detail that they need from me with great accuracy. Also they were very helpful in care of day-to-day update regarding my admission assistance, from this agency. I would prefer Ms.Meera due to her responsible and friendly work for my admission. Overall, they are providing a good care and support for me.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University

    On the first day when I reached there Pradeep sir and Meera mam gave a brief description about the course structure and also about the fees and travel charges which was highly satisfactory. Both of them also helped me to clear my doubts about travel and living conditions. After that I also received help to fill my forms and to write an SOP which I was struggling with.
    They were also very helpful while contacting them through phone. Pradeep sir and Sonia mam were always there dealing with our visa and University matters they have worked really hard to process our admission and visa. Phibin sir was also very helpful in giving us detailed information about the travel and University life, which cleared most of my doubts about those things. I would always recommended Abe Services to my friends who has an interest in studying abroad because they provide us with detailed information and do as much as they can to ensure our travel.
    Meera mam was my student counselor she was very helpful every time I contacted her and at time she was unavailable Amrutha mam and Pradeep sir helped me with my doubts. so I thank each every one of theme for their sincere effort in my travel matters.

    Master of Business, Queensland University of Technology

    The almighty and Abe Services helped me to fulfill my dream. First of all I extend my gratitude to the facility in charge especially Pradeep sir. It is my dream to study Australia. For that I consulted an agency which is located in kottayam. They treated me not as good as Abe Services done. Because of my aunt in Kattapana I came to know about the Abe Services. Then I visited the kottayam branch and they helped me and treated me well. From there they helped me to choose the university along with course. The admission procedure in so fast so that within one month I got admission OUT, and after that within 15 days I got my study visa. So , once again I thank to Abe Services for the grate support from them.

    MBA (International) , Swinburne University of Technology

    I am very much impressed by the service provided by Abe Services. First of all I thank god who helped me to find the appropriate consultancy for me. To be frank, I was not at all interested to study Australia. I planned to go for Canada for doing my post-graduation. My IELTS score was overall 6.5, but for writing it was 5.5, then my father searched on intended for a better option for me. He found Abe Services and just called without any expectation. Fortunately Mrs. Amrutha informed us that score is enough to get an opportunity to study in well know universities in Australia, and she shared the advantages and disadvantages of studying there. We then decided to select Australia for my higher studies. Living expense in Australia for higher than some other countries which I looked for earlier, but I found the climate and part time job in Australia are better from them.
    Miss. Amrutha provided clear ideas about my course and it details, and suggested Swinburne University, Melbourne to do my post-graduation in international business. I am very thankful to everyone in this company.
    Thank you.

  • AMAL SOJAN, International MBA
    University of South Australia

    I had a sweet experience with Abe Services. The counselor who advised everything about my education was Mrs. Amrutha K Raj and she was very kind and helpful me regarding all my queries. It is actually my blessing, I hope to have worked with Abe Services for joining abroad to pursue my higher education. Thanking my counselor as well as the agency for their support that they provide me with.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University

    I am Amala Raju I completed my higher secondary in March 2017, since then having an international qualification is my dream. I decided to pursue bachelor of nursing in an Australian University. In order to have assistance in getting admission, I visited Abe Services in the month of September. On that day I met the counselor Ms. Meera K S she explained each and every thing in a detailed manner. She told us about different Universities, campuses scholarship and accommodation options, and so on from those I chose Federation University – Berwick campus.
    Then I submitted my documents and I got the offer letter and scholarship offer within one day. Later on, I contacted her for clearing all my doubts for all such calls her response was positive. Even though I have disturbed her by calling 6 or 7 times a day she was cool in responding and clearing my doubts. Apart from, Meera mam and Sonia mam have forward me all the important mails on without any delay. As a result I have been updated with the processing steps. Meera mam was also helpful in guiding me to speed up other procedures like loan processing, fee payment, etc. with regard to mock interview Amrutha mam and Meera mam conducted it for once. During that time, both of them had given me suitable and accurate information in order to succeed in interviews. After receiving CoE, I became sure that Sonia mam is a perfect counselor in dealing with University.
    Last but not the least; I got my visa exactly after one week of application. So I sincerely thank Pradeep sir for his punctual and perfect dealings. On ground of these reasons, I will strongly recommend this agency to students who wish to do their higher studies in Australia.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University

    I first approached Abe Services at April 2016, after passing 12th grade. Before coming to Abe, I was not planning to study abroad. But my father advised me to study abroad. Meeting with Pradeep sir helped me to clear all my worries about studying abroad. I searched about international Universities at internet as I finalized to study at Australia. I searched the internet for an agency for studying abroad, as Abe Services was one of the top agencies that I found in the internet.
    My first counselor was Anna, she explained me about universities at studying in Australia. The Universities link that provided was very helpful in choosing the University. I only have few experiences with Anna mam, but she was really helpful in the first part of my journey. Though I faced problems in the middle, I am really grateful to Pradeep sir and Sonia mam resolving those issues.
    I am very much thankful to my counselor Meera chechi, who helped in for my interview preparations and also my SOP. She is not only a counselor but also a good friend. Everyone I met at Abe Services is friendly, approachable and cooperative. The classes that provided, was really helpful for the preparation to live in Australia. I recommended my friends to choose Abe Services for studying abroad.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University

    When I approached this agency I met Mr. Pradeep, he counseled me about the campus university and the course. I felt it very useful. Also Ms. Amrutha helped me to prepare the SOP and she directed me various steps in the processing. The tips given by Ms. Amrutha and Ms. Meera for my interview were also helpful to clear my doubts easily. Mr. Phibin helped me by giving the instructions for the visa application. Moreover, I found the class to be effective because it may help us in the future. I would like to thank everyone especially Mrs. Amrutha for her personal support to prepare for my interview. In general, I am well satisfied with the support and services of your consultancy.

    Master of Project Management, Edith Cowan University

    My counselor was Ms. Meera and it was really a good experience with her. I had a lot of difficulties with my first university Deakin and at that time she really helped me to get through it and secure another admission in ECU. One point I would like to mention is, it would be better to get a clear picture from the university authorities like Deakin, especially like financial background of student and documents to avoid struggles in a later stage. Because once proceed a lot with a university and changing to another in a later stage will be too much difficulty.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology

    My name is Bibin Augustine. If I talk about Abe Services I am totally impressed. I came to know about Abe Services through one of my friends. Last year December first week I contacted this agency, Amrutha mam was my counselor. She is very talkative and she clears all doubts I have. Initially, I contacted IDP and they gave me admission in bachelor of nursing but, they do not give me a good counseling. Then I searching for a genuine agency after I came to know about Abe Services and they gave me an admission in nursing field. Now I am very happy with Abe Services.

    Master of Chemical Sciences, LaTrobe University

    Abe services helped me a lot in determining or to get confirmed about my study abroad plans. Though initially had a plan to go to attain higher degree but I gradually ended by dropping the plan. My counselor Amrutha, has greatly influenced and supported me to stick on with my plans. All the services provided from there is so good and effective. Every detail are given in detail and explained in a very clear manner. The way Amrutha described everything, helped me in making my mind to pursue and achieve my dream of studying abroad. Taking about counselor in particular, she is so friendly and supportive. I feel free to contact her and to ask any doubts she always try her best to clear and clarify all my doubts regarding the procedures and instructions to be followed. Moreover, this agency helped in choosing a correct course, which is ideal in the stream of my academics. Detailed information about the procedures and instructions regarding the course and college was given. In addition the most striking factor about this agency is that it will provide all the possible facilities which will help in our stay in Australia and also have helped in getting a scholarship of about 25%, which will be a great help to afford my academic expenditure.
    I came to know about this particular agency via newspaper. I got the notice about the agency in an advertisement from a local newspaper. When I further enquired about this agency, I got a positive feedback from everyone. Furthermore a pre departure class is also organized which helps to get interacted with everyone who had taken the abroad program. And yet further information regarding the primary details from the journey and the stay in Australia. I will surely will suggest this Abe Services to everyone as it is the finest agency that one can consult to acquire a higher education in Australia.

    Bachelor of Engineering Honours, Edith Cowan University

    I am very much thankful to Abe Services for their wonderful services. Especially my counselor Meera, she is a good friend and she always clear all my doubts. I felt the class was really informative to solve most of the issue and doubts regarding travelling and also studies which would be beneficial my future. Explanation of each point was little more elaborative that could really result in solving each doubt without asking. As am student it is really an inevitable part to know about the University and also the region that I am going to reside. So I found the class was pretty much interesting while knowing each and every image more clearly. Additionally, the counseling section that the agency provided was the milestone that leads to the progress of admission in ECU.

    Bachelor of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology

    My counselor at Abe Services, Kozhikode branch was really helpful. She helped me to choose the perfect University. Abe Services never allowed me to remain lazy, as they arranged everything perfectly keeping my time shortage in mind. Actually I am quite happy with your service and would surely recommend you to people with same plans. As per as the pre departure class is concerned, it was quite helpful. Most my doubts have been solved and I am very happy about it. Thank a lot Abe Services.

    Bachelor of Nursing, LaTrobe University

    This agency was recommended by my aunt. The first time I was here, I really liked the way all the course information’s were presented. So Abe Services was my choice. Later, even when I came to ask about other courses, Pradeep Sir gave detailed ideas about those. Anyway I think that at certain times the information provided is not accurate. Earlier, I couldn’t see or talk to any counselor. But now, whenever I call Mr. Phibin attends it. And he is obviously a good counselor. He clear any doubts as many times as I want. So if any revision is needed, I think it should be about the exact information’s that you provide to the student because they may not know anything about the place or course they choose. I think all the documents needed must be told to the client’s primarily itself. Mock interview (although I got it just once only) was great. The pre departure class session, was also really good. I had a fun time and I made new friends. Thank you for this opportunity also thanks you very much for getting me an admission in the campus and the college I wanted.

    Master of Human Resource Management, Edith Cowan University

    Firstly I would like to thank Abe Services for the services rendered by them for achieving my dream. Throughout the processing time the help and support given was good and it helps me a lot to rid of the tensions. My student counselor Mrs. Amrutha helped me a lot in preparing the documents and her instructions was very clearly, so that I can follow everything quickly. Many thanks to Abe Services and team who have helped me to reach my dream. What I have valued most was the counseling and help given by Mrs.Amrutha my advisor, who gave me correct advices and instructions in a timely manner to achieve my dream for past 9 months. This helped me a lot to put my fears and concerns away and guided me all through and through. She is very efficient and loyal with her work and equally knowledable. All my questions and concerns were taken and discussed seriously. She understood my requirements and helped me to achieve the same.
    I really appreciate all the help and support rendered by Abe Services for my admission process and I felt pretty smooth with Abe. I would thank Abe and my counsellor Mrs.Amrutha to make me to take the correct decisions for my bright career and throughout the processing everything went in quickly and till Visa it was very easy for me and I was relaxed.
    I wish them all the success and I promise that I will suggest Mrs.Amrutha and Abe Services to my family and friends who are dreaming foreign education for proper guidance and services respectively. Thank you very much for the session given by Mr. Phibin it was very much helpful for me as a first time traveler

    Bachelor of Nursing, University of South Australia

    My sincere thankfulness goes to Abe Services who helped me each and every step of my paper works. They was like a pillar of support in all my processing stages like University selection, application, admission, my scholarship processing as well as loan processing and Firstly, I was confused in selecting the University and then Abe Services, especially my mentor Amrutha suggested me to choose this University (University of South Australia) which also offers 50% scholarship. Now I am glad to say that I have received the vice chancellors scholarship of 50% fee reduction. All the credit goes to Amrutha and Abe Services who guided me in all my paper works including the preparation SOP.
    Even in my loan processing and visa processing stages there was many difficulties and the agency was in support. My heart full gratitude goes to Abe Services who directed me in every stage especially in the SOP preparation stage which was a bit difficult for me. The information part given by Phibin sir was also much helpful. Thanks for all