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UAE, an amalgamation of seven Emirates, is known to all as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. However, over the past few years, UAE has risen to be known as one of the preferred destinations for international education as well. To study in the UAE is a great option for prospective students to gain world-class education on a budget. With many top-ranked universities across Europe, Asia, UK, Ireland and Australia having satellite campuses in UAE, the country is indeed growing in repute in the field of international education. 

Studying in the UAE comes with its own set of benefits. Some of these benefits include gaining a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree from top-ranked universities at a fraction of the cost involved in comparison to if a student chooses to move to the main campus in their respective home countries. The cost of living is also more affordable in relation to what a student would otherwise spend in countries like Australia, the UK or Ireland. Further, by studying in UAE, Indian students get a chance to be part of a truly multicultural environment as only 20% of the UAE is made up of localities. Students will get a chance to explore all 7 emirates during the course of study including various cultures, traditions and beautiful landscapes. Apart from these unique aspects, opting to study in UAE comes with the added advantage of a hassle-free visa process as it is the concerned university that would be filing the visa on behalf of the student. 

Student Visa Application Process in UAE

For Indian students who wish to study a UG or PG course in UAE, a valid student visa is mandatory. Here is a step by step guide to follow.

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    Opportunities To Study &
    Work In UAE

    The UAE government has been proactively promoting international education for the past few years. Over tens and thousands of students from across the globe are studying in Universities of repute in the UAE. The benefit of paying a relatively low tuition fee and manageable living expenses make it a dream destination for those who are want to gain world-class education on a budget. Here are some of the unique benefits of studying in the UAE for Indian students:

    • Easy Student Visa Process
    • Affordable Tuition Fee With The Option To Pay In Multiple Instalments
    • Low Cost Of Living
    • Earn A Degree From Top Ranked Universities In The World
    • One Of The Fastest Growing Economies In The World With ample Job Opportunities
    • Option To Transfer To The Main Campus Of Universities In UK, Australia, Etc.
    • One Year Master’s Degree Courses
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