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Have you always harboured a dream to study in the United Kingdom but are confused how to proceed? Abe Services , India's premier overseas education consultancy is here to guide you through this journey of a lifetime. We provide you with in-depth information about the various facets of studying abroad and offer assistance to help you choose and enrol yourself in the University of your dreams. UK has been one of the most popular destinations to pursue higher studies for a long time now. Home to some of the finest universities in the world, names like Cambridge University, Oxford University are enough to escalate your career to the highest level.

While there may be many new options to study abroad, to study in the UK for international students is an experience like no other and it still remains one of the most favoured destinations by students from around the world. With an option to choose from 150,000 courses at universities and colleges across UK, there are plenty of options for students who wish to pursue Diploma, UG or PG courses. Institutions in UK offer the finest infrastructure for research making it an ideal destination to pursue higher studies. Apart from this, UK is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities and cultures thus offering a student one of the best lifestyles one could dream of. Modern infrastructure and stunning countryside make this opportunity to study in the United Kingdom all the more exciting. With many opportunities to work while studying and access to many facilities like scholarships, healthcare ,etc. studying in UK will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Student Visa Application Process in UK

For Indian students who wish to study a UG or PG course in UK, a valid student visa is mandatory. Here is a step by step guide to follow.

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    Opportunities To Study &
    Work In UK

    While there are many opportunities to get grants and scholarships while studying in the United Kingdom, one can take up a part time job or internship while they pursue their education here. Not only does this equip a student with skills that will shine on his portfolio, it is also the perfect opportunity to interact, learn and shape a well-rounded personality. While there is no standard rule about how many hours a student can work as each university and each course has their own set of rules to be adhered to, most universities allow students to work while they study. The rules to stay back after the course keep varying but with enough experience, skills and a sound academic performance, one can be assured of a promising future. One can either land a job in UK and continue staying there, or the student can apply elsewhere and procure a job of his liking. If you have a degree from a reputed university in UK, a promising future awaits.

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    Education Loan Assistance

    At Abe Services, We Ensure That Students Receive Funding From Leading Banks To Aid In Their Quest To Study Abroad.

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