Around the world, many universities and institutions of higher education offer diploma courses and certificate programs that span shorter duration of time. Diploma courses abroad last for either one or two years.

Students who have cleared their higher secondary school examinations generally pursue Bachelor’s degree courses. However, some of them are interested in a diploma or certificate examinations. In the same way, some qualified graduates proceed to foreign countries to study a regular master’s course or PG diploma courses abroad.

Being shorter duration programs, diploma courses offer a chance to the student to acquire the requisite skills in a short while and this helps them land a job faster. Diploma courses are therefore more suited for those who want a job quickly. Further, there are excellent part-time job opportunities in countries like the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, USA and New Zealand for students to effectively manage their living expenses while pursuing their course.

The names for diploma courses are different in various countries. They are also called by the name of Graduate Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, etc. Whatever be the name, a diploma qualification holds a value that will enable students to take up a job or even proceed to study further.

When it comes to actually picking out a course for obtaining a diploma, it is a daunting task for the student because short courses offer a wide variety of subjects for study. The study duration of these courses depends on the country, course and the institution.

For any student, it is pretty confusing to pick up one single course from the many options that are available. Counsellors at Abe Services will patiently guide the student to pick up the right diploma course that fits their aptitude, budget and the time in hand.

To make the student’s life easier when studying abroad, we do our research and find out the scholarships and funding options that are available for the student. Many study options allow the students to hold part-time jobs during and after the term to help them pay for their education.

We also guide the student in every step of the journey, with the submission of application, documentation process and procurement of visa.

Diploma Courses Abroad – Best Countries to Study in

Studying abroad prepares a student to take up a job anywhere in the world and this remains the main focus of an international study programs. Studying diploma courses in some countries that are technologically developed gives one a wide range of opportunities and new vistas that open up for the students.

For the purpose of doing diploma courses abroad, students choose some countries that are more suited for the purpose than others. This is because of the high quality of education and the student-friendly atmosphere that these countries offer. The countries that often figure in this list are the UK and the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland. Other factors that students consider seriously are the safety factor and the cost of living in these places.

Benefits of doing Diploma Courses Abroad

Completing a diploma course abroad has many advantages. Some of them are:

  • The diploma courses typically take less time to complete.
  • Most diploma courses are highly job oriented that deliver practical and hands-on training making the student job-ready at the end of the course.
  • Diploma courses sometimes enable the student to stay on in the country of study and pursue an undergraduate degree course. In some countries, they can even apply for a job after the course.
  • Students get a chance to experience a new culture altogether.
  • They learn to work and study independently.
  • In most cases, they become ready for an international job.
  • Diploma courses, at the graduate or postgraduate levels, typically cost less than the corresponding degree courses enabling students to make some savings.


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