Study abroad can be an expensive affair for international students. However, proper planning can help students manage the expenses and keep them under control. For students who wish to study in Australia, here is a detailed guide on the cost involved. The cost of studying in Australia includes various aspects like accommodation, food, health insurance, travel along with the amount required to pay the course fee.

Tuition Fee

The costs involved mainly depends on two aspects- the course and the university. The cost of studying in Australia varies substantially and ranges anywhere between AUD 20,000 and AUD 40,000 per year. It is important to note here that the cost will increase in the case of students who wish to enroll for a course in certain areas.

Undergraduate Degree AUD 15,000 – AUD 33,000 Per Year
Postgraduate Degree AUD 20,000 - AUD 37,000 Per Year
Doctoral Degree AUD 14,000 – AUD 37,000 Per Year
Student Visa (Common For All) Approx AUD 620

The course fees' mentioned above are only indicative. Students who wish to gain more insight on the fee structure for specific courses and also regarding attractive scholarship opportunities can get in touch with our student counselors for more information.

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    Almost all the universities in Australia offer facilities to stay on campus for international students. This would be one of the best options for students as they can avoid any travel related expenses if they choose to stay off campus. Students may also choose to live in apartments nearby on a room-sharing basis or stay with a local Australian family. It is important to note that the rent has to be paid two weeks in advance and the amount varies based on the city of stay. The cost ranges between AUD 85 and AUD 440 depending on the type of accommodation.

    Living Expenses

    The Department of Home Affairs in Australia has stated that students who wish to study in Australia must consider a living cost of up to AUD 21,041 per year. If the students choose to bring along a partner, then an additional AUD 7,362 has to be considered. The proof for the same has to be submitted. The other weekly expenses that the students should consider include are listed below:

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    Groceries AUD 80 – AUD 280 Per Week Approx
    Gas & Electricity AUD 35 – AUD 140 Per Week Approx
    Phone & Internet AUD 20 – AUD 55 Per Week Approx
    Public Transportation AUD 15 – AUD 55 Per Week Approx
    For more detailed information on expenses involved with studying in Australia, get in touch with our student counselors today.
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    Health Insurance & Support

    For International students who wish to study in Australia , it is mandatory to get health insurance before the commencement of the course. On an average, the health insurance schemes that students can opt for cost around AUD 550 per year.

    Taxes Involved

    For International students, acquiring a Tax File Number is mandatory if they wish to work in Australia. By law, students are allowed to work 40 hours fortnightly during academic sessions and full time during vacations.

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    To sum it up, it is vital for each student to plan their finances to ensure that their time in Australia can be an enriching experience. At Abe Services , with 12 years of expertise in the Overseas Education sector, we help students in choosing the right course and also provide information about their finances and expenses throughout their study period.


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