Achieve Your Dream Score With ‘Burst Learning’

Abe Services, one of India’s premier overseas education consultancy, is also a certified registration centre and training provider for PTE. We understand that it is not possible for all the applicants to engage in traditional classroom sessions on a regular basis to improve their proficiency in the English language. Hence, we have partnered with By Degrees who offer training for PTE via their mobile application called ‘Burst Learning’ for students to avail online coaching at their convenience. This simple to use yet highly innovative application enables students all across the world to virtually be part of a learning process that is designed and curated by industry leaders. ‘Burst Learning’ features three innovative tools; Bursts, Jams and Shots to ensure an effective and streamlined training process.

Bursts : 3-5 minute short precise video lessons that are fun and engaging.

Jams : Facilitated virtual discussions where students participate and share their knowledge.

Shots : Simple and secure means to measure one’s progress.

About PTE

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is one of the most widely accepted English language proficiency tests by universities and colleges across the globe. This computer based test evaluates the students skills in relation to Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading needed in real-life academic settings. In comparison to other English language proficiency tests like the IELTS, the Pearson Test of English is different in a way that there will be no human interaction. Students will only have to interact with the test software which is completely automated. This provides the applicants with a unique advantage as it eliminates the possibility of any bias arising from cultural and personal differences. The test lasts for approximately 3 hours and the results can be expected within 1 to 5 days.

How To Enrol?

Follow the process mentioned below to enrol for online training of PTE
  • Download the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  • Click on ‘PTE Course’
  • Click on ‘Enrol Now’ and enter the details

Why opt for the PTE Academic Exam?

In comparison to other standardized English language proficiency tests, the Pearson Test of English is highly flexible and fair, thus assuring the quickest test results with the utmost level of professionalism.

Availability of Dates

Booking & Registration for the exam is available for 360 days in a year across 250 centres worldwide.

Fair Assessment

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) based test ensures that all the applicants are assessed objectively.


The test results are delivered within 1 to 5 days making it a convenient option for students who are short on time to submit their applications to universities.


Applicants can share their test scores with as many educational institutions as they like without incurring any additional fees.


Numerous sophisticated measures like randomized test forms, palm-vein scanning and data forensics are incorporated to keep the purity of the test intact.

Download the By Degrees app from the Android
Play Store or the Apple AppStore