Australia is globally renowned for its centres of learning for undergraduate studies. This fact is well endorsed by a large number of students who have opted to pursue their college education in this country. Australia is a country that welcomes international students with its friendly immigration laws. With excellent facilities in its institutions, it offers world-class education to students that seek the best of everything.

The high standard of education in Australia is because it holds education in high regard and the country’s government and private players alike are committed to providing the best educational facilities to its students. The degree courses in Australia help a student enhance his/her learning experience while in the country.

The graduation courses in Australia are designed to provide the basics of the chosen subject and, in addition, helps the student to gain skills to independently evaluate a problem by employing critical and creative thinking.

Higher education in Australia is offered by different institutions like the TAFE institutes, universities and private colleges. The qualifications awarded to the students by the different institutions are endorsed by the Australian government. These qualifications are recognition of the education levels that it represents.

The main types of qualifications offered by Australian universities and colleges are a Bachelor’s degree and Bachelor’s degree (Honours). The Bachelor degree involves a minimum of three years’ study for the student. The student can choose a fast-track option that allows him/her to complete the course in two instead of the three years. The Honours option requires another year of study after a three-year period. The last year is allocated for research-based work.

TAFE certificates, or vocation-based training certificates, serve as alternate paths to university degrees or help those that want to get into skilled jobs. Getting into Australian universities is not an easy job because of the high degree of competitiveness. For admission to the Bachelor’s course, the student requires completion of secondary school or overseas equivalent that is recognized by the Australian university. In addition to this, applicants are expected to meet proficiency levels in the English language (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE).

Areas of Specializations

Australian colleges, universities and TAFE institutions offer close to 22,000 courses from which international students can choose the subjects that interest them. There are a total number of 38 public universities and 3 other private universities in Australia.

At Abe Services , we have dedicated counsellors who will guide the applicant through every step of the application process: from choosing the course, the university, finding suitable accommodation, filling up application forms, preparing the documentation without any errors, and corresponding with the university when required. This helps the student in saving time, money and effort.

Our counsellors also help the students in applying for scholarships and keep them informed about other funding opportunities.

Benefits Of Studying UG Courses In Australia

Close on the heels of the USA and the UK, Australia is the next favourite destination for international students to pursue their studies. Based on the British model of education, any international student who pursues UG Courses in Australia is certainly choosing world-class coaching. There are many benefits of studying in Australia. Some of them are:

  • The universities have a highly cosmopolitan environment.
  • Numerous part-time job opportunities are available for international students to effectively manage their living expenses.
  • Be job ready. Universities in Australia follow Work Integrated Learning practices to ensure that you are ready to join the global workforce.
  • Upon graduation, students can opt to stay back for a period of up to 4 years.
  • Internship options with leading corporates
  • The universities and institutions of higher education support world-class infrastructure.
  • Most of the universities are connected to local and world-famous research institutions.
  • A student can choose any subject of study from a wide range of disciplines
  • People in Australia are warm and friendly with students from outside the country.
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