Planning to go abroad for your education? It is vital to understand that it is an expensive affair. However, the whole process can be made a smooth one with some initial planning. It is all about managing the expenses that include tuition costs, living costs, insurance and taxes. We have gleaned some details to make the process a little easier for you so that you can plan your finances better.

Tuition Costs

If you want to study in Canada, it is important to understand that your major expenditure will be the tuition costs. This mainly depends on the course that you take up and the institution that you choose for study. The fees can be more for certain courses and less for certain others. However, you can expect an annual expense of CAD 7000 and CAD 25000 as your study in Canada costs.

Bachelor’s Degree Course CAD 13000 – CAD 20000 Per Annum
Postgraduate Level Courses CAD 17000 – CAD 25000 Per Annum
Doctoral Studies CAD 7000 – CAD 15000 Per Annum
Visa Application Fee CAD 150

The fees charged by universities in Canada vary by the university and country of origin of the student. For in-depth information about the different universities, courses and individual fee details, we recommend that you get in touch with our counselors at Abe Services who will guide you at every step of your endeavor.

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    Accommodation Costs:

    A majority of the universities in Canada offer accommodation facilities for international student on the campuses. The student can also look out for apartments that they can share with fellow mates. On-campus hostel facilities may cost anything between CAD8000 and CAD10000 per annum. Living in apartments that you share with others costs you an amount of about CAD400 to CAD700 per month. This cost is only an approximate value and may vary based on the cities that are chosen for the study.

    Living Expenses

    In addition to tuition costs, a little money has to be set aside for day-to-day expenses such as grocery, transport, communication and incidental expenses. Keeping different aspects in mind, the amount that a student in Canada spends in a is approximately equal to CAD 700. Other expenses may include the following:

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    Transport Costs CAD 110
    Entertainment CAD 40
    Books & Supplies CAD 350
    Canada is a place that has very cold winters. It is important to set aside some money for warm clothing. The above are approximate costs. For a more detailed insight into expenditure in Canadian cities, it is best to get in touch with student counselors at Abe Services who would give you a fair idea of the money that one has to be ready with.
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    Health Insurance

    When a student opts to pursue higher education in Canada, it is vital to know that buying health insurance is mandatory. It costs about CAD 600 to CAD 800 per annum.

    Taxes Involved:

    International students studying in Canada can work for up to 20 hours a week when they have academic sessions and full time during vacations if they have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). If students earn an income during their studies, their income is taxable. This rule also holds good when the student avails scholarships or assistantship from the institution.

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    A student has to plan his/her finances keeping in view the exchange variations and work out a budget for their study in Canada. At Abe Services , we advise students in a manner that helps them keep their cost of studying in Canada to a minimum.


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