Students doing a master’s degree in Canada often claim to have the best study experiences. Post-graduate studies in chosen subjects provide an in-depth education in this country. It is all about students picking out a specialized subject from their field of graduation and opting for further studies in this field. Thus, any graduate can apply for PG courses in Canada. The structure and the manner in which the courses are organized vary by the university, institution and the chosen field of study.

Canada is a country that attracts thousands of international students every year to pursue higher studies. The high quality of academic standards and global recognition of its degrees prompt students from across the world to apply for higher studies in this country. India is no exception and every year there are more students applying for PG courses in Canada from India.

Students that are doing their PG studies in Canada are promised an experience that is way beyond academics. The Canadian universities instil in the students an ability to think critically. Canadian university degrees are considered on par with degrees from the USA, Australia and other European nations.

The Canadian universities are committed to providing high-quality education at very low tuition fees compared to other Countries. The government also provides scholarship facilities for deserving candidates further increasing the advantages that the students have.

Students applying for PG courses in Canada can choose to study Post-graduate Diplomas, Master’s degree programs and doctorate courses. Master’s programs in Canada extend for a duration of one to two years. Some of them have additional placements or internships. PG courses are generally made up of interactive sessions that include project work, site visits and team jobs. Most of these programs also include the submission of a dissertation or a consultancy project.

When applying for a master’s program in Canada the student is expected to have a minimum GPA for the undergraduate degree. The applicant may also have to provide a valid GMAT/GRE score as well. The student is expected to provide proof of proficiency in the English language through a valid TOEFL/IELTS/PTE score.

Any student wanting to do a Master’s Program in Canada requires a study permit/student visa that will allow him/her to live and study in the country for the duration of the course.

Areas of Specializations

Higher education in Canada is noted for its diversity. The different universities vary greatly in size and history and each institution has a different portfolio of specializations. With such a wide range of subjects to choose from, a student can find it confusing to find a course that is the right fit for them. At Abe Services we work in a very professional manner and provide educational guidance to the student to pick up the right university, city, and finally the right course.

We provide valuable assistance during the application process. We also strive to make the whole process worthwhile for the student by keeping them informed of the scholarships/grants that are available and information pertaining to other aspects such as cost of living, accommodation and safety.

Benefits of Studying Post graduation in Canada

Given below are some of the reasons why it is worthwhile for a student to apply for PG courses in Canada.

  • The Canadian student society is a diverse one with representatives from over 200 countries. This helps the students to develop an international outlook.
  • The Canadian government provides financial backing by the state, facilities are premium and quality of education delivery is very high.
  • English and French being official languages in Canada, any student gets the chance to improve existing skills in a new language.
  • For those students keen to stay on in Canada after completion of the PG course, they may be eligible for a PG work permit which allows the student to work for a time period equal to the length of the course.
  • The student can enjoy a high quality of life in Canada. The government is stable and the cities are safe for international students to stay and pursue their studies.
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