Canada is perhaps the most ideal location for those interested in pursuing their undergraduate study abroad. If one chooses Canada for UG studies, there is a chance that the student gets to explore an exciting new country while getting a high-quality education. Canada is considered one of the world’s most in-demand destinations for UG studies. Every year, there is a high influx of those international students that want to do Degree courses in Canada.

Canadian universities offer a variety of courses that are internationally acclaimed and many of these are similar to the degrees awarded in the USA. Moreover, it costs less to do UG courses in Canada when compared to costs in doing the same type of course in the USA or the UK.

Students that pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Canada will derive the benefit of the high standards of Canadian education, a good standard of living, experience technological advancement and other activities that will suit any student.

The Bachelor’s degree in Canada is designed to be intellectually and culturally stimulating experience and the study courses are formatted in such a way that it stimulates critical thinking. Moreover, the investment made by the Canadian government into the institutions of higher learning ensures that the student gets to study in a world-class knowledge environment.

Graduate degrees in Canada are awarded by different institutions recognized by the Canadian government. Universities in Canada award bachelor’s degrees and colleges of technology and applied arts conduct diploma and certificate programs. These qualifications clearly indicate the levels of education imparted by the respective courses. In general, colleges conduct more career-oriented programs that offer more hands-on training in the subject of study. A certificate program is one year or less in duration. A diploma program usually runs for 2 or 3 years.

Universities in Canada usually grant degrees after a student completes the study program. All universities in Canada offer Bachelor’s degrees. Undergraduate degree programs are either 3-year or 4-year programs.

To become eligible for applying to UG courses in Canada, the international student should have completed the equivalent of a Canadian secondary school education program with good scores. The student is expected to furnish proof of strong proficiency of the English language through TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/CAEL scores. Some institutions have their own language proficiency tests. Each institution has its own admission procedures.

Areas of Specializations

In Canada, there are over 160 universities with over 18 million students enrolled in these institutions. There are many different subjects and course combinations that a student can choose from to complete their UG studies in Canada. At Abe Services , we know this can be an overwhelming experience.

As India’s No.1 overseas education consultants, we have counsellors with ample years of experience who will guide the student to pick up the degree course of their choice and the university where they would like to complete the course.

We help the student through the application process, documentation and paperwork and correspondence with the university. We also help the student find suitable accommodation and apply for scholarship/funding.

Benefits Of Studying Degree Courses In Canada

In addition to being famous for ice hockey and a neighbour to the USA, Canada guarantees high-quality education to its students. The country provides ample education opportunities to international students. Some of the benefits of studying in Canada are as follows:

  • The universities provide advanced and quality education.
  • Education in Canada is affordable compared to that in other developed countries.
  • A degree from Canadian universities is recognized all over the world.
  • International students in Canada can stay back for a period of up to 3 years upon successful completion of their course
  • Many of the Canadian universities are among the top-ranked ones in the world.
  • The student crowd in Canada is multicultural and cosmopolitan.
  • Canadians are polite, warm and friendly.
  • Abundant research opportunities are available in Canadian universities.
  • After completion of their studies, students can apply for a permanent residency in Canada without leaving the country.
  • The cost of living in Canada is reasonable.
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