Ireland is home to 9 prestigious universities and 15 Institutes of Technology. Thousands of international students from over 161 countries make it to Ireland every year to complete their higher education there.

In Ireland, undergraduate courses are free if you hail from Ireland or the EU. Students from any other country do not enjoy this privilege. Ireland is a great country to study in and the living costs in the country matches the average values of most European Union nations.

For students from India wanting to study in Ireland, it is important to be informed of the tuition and living costs before making other arrangements to study there. Knowledge of the cost of study in Ireland for Indian students can help them plan their financial budget in a better manner and enjoy their period of stay in the country.

Tuition Fees

Non-EU students have to pay tuition fees when they decide to do their tertiary education in Ireland. Undergraduate courses can cost up to €25000 per annum on average. For postgraduate courses and doctorate degrees, it is likely to be slightly higher.

Undergraduate Degree €10000 - €25000 Per Year
Postgraduate Degree €9000 - €35000 Per Year
Doctoral Degree €9000 - €30000 Per Year

The fees to be paid varies based on the course that is chosen by the student, the city of stay, and the university where he/she gains admission. There are many affordable universities in Ireland that a student can choose to go to. Professional subjects (medicine, engineering, etc.) at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels cost higher than regular courses do.

To get clarity on the different courses that a student can choose and to pick out the best university, we recommend that you get in touch with our student counsellors at Abe Services who will give you the required input about the cost of study in Ireland. We will also provide you with information on financial aid/scholarships that may be available for students from India. This can help students lessen their cost of study in Ireland.

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    If you are living in Ireland, accommodation charges form a major portion of your monthly expenditure. It is estimated that students spend close to 38% of their budgets on housing costs. Students can seek accommodation in the halls of residence in the university campuses, choose homestay or even rent an apartment. Residence halls in universities cost an amount between €200 and €427 per month.

    Living Expenses

    The living costs in Ireland are estimated to be slightly higher than the European Union average costs. Costs in different Irish cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, differ slightly. Dublin is slightly more expensive than other cities. The total living cost comes up to an amount between €7000 and €12000 per year. This includes accommodation costs.

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    Books & Supplies € 75 per month
    Groceries € 250 per month
    Phone & Internet € 20 per month
    Public Transportation € 65 - €85 per month (with Student Travelcard)
    Food & Entertainment € 200 - 300 per month
    Our study abroad counsellors at Abe Services would be able to give you a clear idea about the individual living costs in the different cities of Ireland.
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    Health Support & Insurance

    Non-EU students in Ireland are not eligible for any medical insurance cover off the campus and therefore should possess their own private medical insurance. The average cost to consider is between €500 - €800 per annum.

    Taxes Involved

    International students doing a course of a minimum of one-year duration do not require a work permit to work in Ireland. Some of them can work for up to 40 hours a week. They should, however, obtain a Personal Public Services Number for this purpose. Minimum wages in Ireland sum up to € 9.80 per hour. For a student, the first € 13300 earned is free of tax. If the students earn an amount above this they have to pay a varying amount as tax depending on the income. Student counsellors at Abe Services will help a student to land the cheapest accommodation and guide them to spend only a minimum during their course of stay. This helps them to make the best of their period of study in Ireland.

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    A student has to plan his/her finances keeping in view the exchange variations and work out a budget for their study in Ireland. At Abe Services , we advise students in a manner that helps them keep their cost of studying in Ireland to a minimum.


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