Ireland has one of the best education systems as the government invests a good amount of funds into the education sector. It is estimated that the Irish government spends close to 800 million every year in the higher educational institutions of Ireland.

Over 35,000 students from more than 161 nations prefer to study in this nation English-speaking Nation that is friendly and safe. Many different types of institutions provide diploma courses in Ireland. The university sector, the technological education sector and the colleges of education in Ireland are funded by the state. However, there are many private colleges that function independently.

Institutions of tertiary education in Ireland offer both postgraduate and undergraduate diplomas in a range of disciplines. There are 8 universities in Ireland. The technological sector consists of technological universities (TUs) and the institutes of technology (IoTs).

These institutions provide study programs in different subjects such as business, linguistics, engineering, science, and offer certificate, diploma and degree courses. Colleges of education offer postgraduate diploma in the field of education.

Whereas the TUs give their own awards, IOTs grant diplomas, degrees and certificates that are validated by the body known as Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). Diploma courses in Ireland can be done on a full-time or a part-time basis.

International students are required to apply for a visa (depending on the period of study) before they travel to the country for further study. International students must meet minimum language requirements (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE) to be granted permission to do a course in Ireland.

Copies of all academic qualifications at the university/secondary school level have to be produced. The student should also produce evidence of possession of a sufficient amount of funds to support the period of stay in Ireland.

Areas of Specializations

Most students study a specialized topic in order to get a diploma. Once they earn a diploma they are prefer to pursue higher education or take up better quality jobs. At Abe Services we offer to help the applicant pick up the diploma course, duration, institution and city according to the student’s aptitudes and desires. It can be overwhelming for the student to make the right choice given the multitude of courses and combinations that are offered. The student counsellors at Abe Services are adept at picking the best choice for the applicant. We also give information about the maintenance grants and funding options that are available for international students wishing to apply to institutions in Ireland.

Benefits Of Studying Diploma Courses In Ireland

Ireland is a favourite international study destination owing to many reasons.

  • There are many diploma and certificate courses that are of less duration than degree courses and hence costing less for international students.
  • Ireland’s reputation for education is excellent.
  • Ireland is a welcoming nation for international students from different cultural backgrounds.
  • The language of instruction in Ireland is English.
  • Ireland is home to many multinational corporations of the world.
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