Ireland has been known as a centre of learning since 500 A.D. This country has a deep respect for learning which is accentuated by the fact that the Trinity College in Dublin became a university in the year 1592. Ireland has the most number of graduates per every 1000 inhabitants in the country and is ranked number one for the same.

Students doing MS in Ireland experience the tradition of academic excellence that the country holds in their world-class education and research centres. There are students from over 160 countries that are studying in Ireland. In spite of the small size of the country, it boasts of several world-renowned institutions for higher education.

A student in Ireland can pursue post-graduate study using two methods: study at a university or an institute of technology. Which one you choose depends on the subject of study and the type of course.

The universities in Ireland are institutions of teaching and academic research which offer a wide range of Master’s programs. The courses in Irish universities particularly suit those students who want to increase their academic knowledge and take advantage of the research facilities on the premises.

The institutions of technology (IoTs) in Ireland are equipped to provide professional training and education for different industries and foster a partnership between academic and enterprise realms. Some of these institutions offer specialized postgraduate programs.

Any Master’s degree in an institute of technology in Ireland is suited for those wishing to apply their professional knowledge in a vocation rather than improving their theoretical knowledge. A Master’s degree in Ireland takes a minimum of one year to complete, with some courses extending to two years for research-focused programs. Students use the third and fourth semesters for an independent research project and dissertation. Students that want to progress to a PhD enrol into a Masters by Research (MRes) program and continue into a doctoral program.

To apply for a Master’s Course in Ireland, the student has to be a qualified undergraduate from a recognized university with second class honours at a minimum. In some cases, the students may have to attend an interview conducted by the institution. The student may also be required to submit a valid score in TOEFL/IELTS/PTE to show their proficiency in the English language.

Areas of Specializations

Ireland is an excellent option for postgraduate study in many diverse subject areas. Currently, Ireland is one of the most attractive options for international students who want to pursue higher education abroad.

As pioneers in overseas education consulting, we have a team of experienced counsellors who can guide the students to pick up the right course and university/IoT for PG courses in Ireland. We can also assist students to explore and opt for the various funding options that exist for them. We help the students to avail fee waivers if any or apply for scholarships or grants that may be offered by universities.

Benefits of Studying PG Courses in Ireland

Some of the most compelling reasons to do MS in Ireland are:

  • Ireland is home to many ancient universities of Britain including the Trinity College Dublin. This clearly demonstrates its academic heritage.
  • There are over an estimated 17000 international students that are studying in Irish universities. This assures a cosmopolitan student atmosphere.
  • International students can work part-time in Ireland and also generous opportunities are on offer for those that seek employment after completion of Master’s programs.
  • Ireland is an English-speaking country and its people are friendly and welcoming to international students.
  • Many multinational firms have their base in Ireland.
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