If you are a student who wants to do your UG studies in Ireland, it is probably a good choice that you have made. With a government that invests over 750 million euros every year in institutions of higher education, to study here would be a good option for any international student.

Ireland colleges fall among the top-ranked institutions of the world and, therefore, the level of education offered in this country is of high quality. With it comes the unique heritage of this island country located in the North Atlantic.

The qualifications awarded by the Irish institutions are the same as its UK equivalents and carries the same value. Ireland is home to many ancient universities of repute that have a rich education culture.

Irish Universities are ranked among the top 1% of research institutions across the world. Students, therefore have a unique chance to take part in research both at the UG and PG levels of study.

Higher education in Ireland is provided by different kinds of institutions such as universities, institutes of technology and colleges of education. All of the universities located in Ireland are public and funded by the state.

The entry requirements for students to take up Undergraduate courses in Ireland vary by the institution and are based on performance in the national examination and aptitude of the English language.

Though education at all levels is free for students of Ireland and EU students, Non-EU students do not enjoy this benefit. Any application for an undergraduate course, be it ordinary degree or an honours course, is submitted through the Central Applications Office.

For any undergraduate course, the applicant requires to have a minimum score in the secondary school examination or equivalent. The student requires to be 18 years or older in age and should show good language proficiency through IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores.

Areas of Specializations

Ireland has 9 universities, 15 institutes of technology and together they entertain over 35,000 students from over 50 different countries across the world doing different courses. Here at Abe Services , we first build a short list of your favourite courses and then we offer guidance and advice to choose a subject for the undergraduate course that fits your aptitude and desire the best.

Our counsellors will keep you informed if you have to apply for any requisite foundation courses before applying for specific undergraduate courses. Our advisors will keep you informed of any information that you may need to start and complete the application process at Irish universities or institutes of technology.

We will also assist you in getting the student visa to study in Ireland if it is required for you. Our counsellors will keep you informed about the Study Abroad loans that will help you finance your study in Ireland.

Benefits Of Studying UG Courses In Ireland

Ireland is a popular study destination for many students from all over the world. Students who do Undergraduate courses in Ireland derive many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Many universities provide opportunities to students to do internships during their UG course. This helps them to get practical experiences in their fields of study.
  • There are opportunities to complete short-term courses or full undergraduate degrees in Ireland.
  • The country has a lot of natural beauty and gives the student a chance to pursue many hobbies during their period of study.
  • The country has an excellent system of higher education.
  • The student gets a chance of learning new languages such as Gaelic.
  • Students get the chance to apply for a work permit.
  • Studying in Ireland gives the chance for the students to enhance their CV.
  • Many big multinational corporations are located in Ireland.
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