New Zealand is a favorite destination for students who want to pursue education abroad. In case the student has secured admission in a university/college in New Zealand, a lot of planning has to be done with regard to the finances available to keep the living expenses to a minimum during the period of study. The following article will help you with information to give you a fair idea about the cost of studying in New Zealand for Indian students including accommodation, tuition fees, insurance and the travel costs to New Zealand.

Tuition Costs

The tuition fees for a student in New Zealand is largely dependent on their choice of institution and the course of study. On an average, the fees for international students can be between NZ$20,000 and NZ$32,000 for Bachelor’s courses and between $25,000 and $35,000 for postgraduate courses.

Bachelor’s Degree Course NZ$10000 per annum
Postgraduate Level Courses NZ$35000 per annum
Doctoral Studies NZ$8000 per annum
Visa Application Fee (Paper Application) £188

It is important to note that the fee varies for different streams of study: engineering, arts, architecture, medicine, etc. For additional information and more specific details about study in New Zealand costs, fees and funding options available for international students, you can contact our student counsellors who will clear your doubts and help you at every step of your journey.

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It is vital that you fix your accommodation arrangements if you are going to New Zealand as an international student before leaving your country of residence. There are many options available for students that will suit their budget and style. There are hostels otherwise known as halls of residence, homestays, or independent accommodation (flats) that a student can choose from.

Living Expenses

Living cost depends on the lifestyle and the choice of accommodation. If you wish to pick a better quality accommodation and have weekend trips, you should be prepared for a budget of around NZ$20,000 or a little more per year. In addition to insurance and the tuition fees, a student would need close to NZ$ 400 to NZ$ 500 per week for expenses that include accommodation or rent, food expenses, transport, phone charges, use of internet and entertainment.

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Groceries NZ$150
Entertainment NZ$50
Transport NZ$40
Calls and Internet NZ$60
These costs are approximate and the amounts are mere recommendations. Students are expected to be prepared with an amount of $15,000 per year and keep an additional $2,000 for the return airfare. Set up a time with our counsellors who will help you with additional information on living costs in New Zealand.
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Health Insurance Expenses

It is compulsory for all international students travelling to New Zealand to equip themselves with medical insurance before the start of the academic program. The health insurance is applicable only as the program is ongoing and ceases when the program is completed. This is usually arranged by the college/university. In cases where the college may not offer health insurance, the students must arrange for private health insurance. On an average, insurance costs come up to NZ$200 to NZ$700 per annum.

Taxes Involved

New Zealand allows students to work part-time when the academic sessions are on and full time during vacations. However, students cannot take up work without procuring a number from the Internal Revenue Department (IRD No.). With this number, students can work for up to 20 hours/week part-time and full time during vacations. Any student who earns money along with their studies is liable to pay taxes.

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At Abe Services, we can help the student in choosing the right course, university and place of stay and plan their expenditure while they stay in New Zealand so that their trip to the country is an enriching one in terms of academic experience and otherwise.


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