Studying abroad is a costly affair for international students in most cases, and the cost of studying in the UK is no exception. However, with a little bit of planning, it is possible to control the expenses in an effective manner. It is a good idea to select programs that run for less time and this is advantageous for most students as the time spent and the cost of studying in the UK is comparatively lower.

Anyway, it is important for the student wanting to study in UK to maintain strict control on the expenses to get the best bang for their buck. We have tried to provide a reasonable detail of the costs involved that includes the costs for the studies, accommodation, food, insurance, etc. so that the students can get a grip on the amount of money that they have to be prepared with during the course of their stay.

Tuition Fees

As undergraduate or graduate students, the tuition costs vary between £10000 and £35000 per annum. As for living expenses, they have to be ready with another £13000 per year of their stay. This amount would be more if the university is in London. These fee amounts also depend on the exchange rate at the time of stay in the UK.

Undergraduate Degree £10000 – £35000 Per Year
Postgraduate Degree £11000 - £37000 Per Year
Doctoral Degree £13000 – £29000 Per Year
Student Visa Charges £ 348

The course fees' mentioned above are only indicative. The expenditure on tuition costs depends on factors such as the university chosen, type of course, etc. Whereas humanities and art courses are cheaper, medicine and engineering courses are costlier. If you want more information about on the fee structure for specific courses, and details about scholarships and financial assistance for students it is important to get in touch with our student counsellors who will guide you at every step.

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    Many universities in the UK offer housing facilities inside the campus for its students. Other options that students can choose is to opt for shared living spaces like apartments or find homestays where they can stay as paying guests. If none of these are available, you can look out for a local host with help from the concerned university department.

    Renting an apartment means that the student will have to be ready to pay utility charges (electricity, water charges) in addition to the rent that is payable. A one-room apartment will cost any amount between £550 and £650.

    Living Expenses:

    A little money should be kept aside by the student for incidental expenses such as toilet supplies, transport, communications, books and supplies and entertainment. For all these the student needs to budget on a monthly basis. On average, the student would need close to £700 a month.

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    Books & Supplies £50 per week
    Phone & Internet £25 per week
    Public Transportation £50 per week
    Food & Entertainment £175 per week
    For more detailed information about cost of study in the United Kingdom, you can contact our counsellors today.
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    Health Insurance & Support:

    It is mandatory for international students in the UK to procure health insurance before they commence their study program. The cost for this is £470 per annum. There are exclusive health services that are made available for international students.

    Taxes Involved:

    International students can work for up to 20 hours a week when they have their academic sessions and full time during vacation periods. For incomes up to £11500, there are no taxes. Any amount over this income is taxed by the government.

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    In view of the changing exchange rates of the GBP, it is very important for the student to plan their study expenditure while in the UK. It is also a good idea to seek knowledge about the existing financial aids and scholarships that may be available for students. To get a fair idea about the Cost of studying in the UK, you can get in touch with our student counsellors at Abe Services.


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