Many international students dream of studying in a college in the UK to get their undergraduate degree. This is not surprising because the UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many students, in fact, wish to spend their whole college life in British Universities.

Universities in Britain offer many courses and grant degrees for different subjects of study that are well-recognized by academics and employers around the world. In the UK, a student can expect to get awarded an Ordinary or Honours degree.

An Ordinary bachelor’s degree in the UK is awarded if the student completes all the classes. However, if the grades are below a specific level employers do not differentiate when offering a job. But this may have a bearing if you want to do a postgraduate degree.

Also called an Undergraduate or a Baccalaureate Degree, a Bachelor’s degree in the UK is designed so that the student understands the subject in full. In the UK, the time taken to complete a Bachelor’s degree is generally three years. In some cases, it may take up to four years.

There are different types of Bachelor’s degrees that are awarded to students in the UK depending on the field of study. If you want to study in the UK, you can also aim to get a Foundation degree with two years of study. This is similar to an internship or an apprenticeship program and is meant to help you in procuring future employment.To get into a UK university of your choice, applicants should have completed high school or the British equivalent. UK universities also accept International Baccalaureate and A- Levels.

For a majority of the courses, the student should provide proof of competency in English by clearing commonly accepted tests such a TOEFL/IELTS/PTE with required basic minimum scores. Entry requirements for international students vary by the university and the program that the student wants to study.

Areas of Specializations

In the United Kingdom, there are over 150 institutes of higher education offering a wide range of globally renowned undergraduate courses. For any student, it is by no means an easy job to select a course and a university that suits their aptitudes on their own.

Our counsellors at Abe Services are well versed in providing patient guidance to the student and helping them select a suitable program, degree and subject combination. Our counsellors also ably advice the students on scholarships available and other funding options to make their stay more comfortable.

Benefits Of Studying UG Courses In the UK

There are many benefits for students offered by the education system in the UK. They are listed below:

  • There is a wide choice in terms of combinations of study subjects and universities to choose from for UG courses in the UK.
  • Options available for shorter study durations can help to reduce tuition and accommodation costs.
  • The educational infrastructure in the UK is of very high quality.
  • Many of the universities are internationally recognized by employers and academic institutions all over the world.
  • The student has a chance to improve skills in the English language.
  • International students in the United Kingdom can now opt to stay back for a period of up to 2 years upon graduation.
  • There are provisions that help the student to combine many different subjects into a single course.
  • International students are given the opportunity to earn while they study by working part-time jobs.
  • There is also a chance that the university may assist in providing a placement after the period of study.
  • There are thousands of international students studying in UK universities and this makes for a very multicultural student society in the country.
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