With an internationally renowned education system, the USA houses some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that the USA is a popular study destination for international students. The system offers many language courses as well as speciality degrees.

Diploma courses in America are offered through technical schools or community colleges. They are of shorter duration when compared to degrees courses offered by universities. This is, therefore, the best option available for those candidates that want to jumpstart their career.

In the USA, most colleges are funded with the money that is collected from students as their tuition fees. Non-degree courses are popular because they offer more practical skills and professional contacts than the degree programs which are more academic in nature. Travelling and working outside a university environment is what diploma and certificate courses are all about.

Diploma courses in America typically take a period of 12 to 18 months to complete by studying for about 8 hours a week. Whereas a diploma is an academic program that provides students with specific skills leading to a specific job, a certificate course is completed by the student in about a year’s time or even less. These help the student to complete a program quickly and get on to a job.

Educational institutions in the USA offer many non-degree programs that the students can apply for and get admitted to. Each of these programs is usually fast-paced and smaller in size. Schools that conduct these programs do not offer the services that graduate schools and universities do such as housing, tutoring, etc. as is available for the formal degree courses.

International students may need to possess a J1 visa which falls in the non-immigrant trainee category.

Areas of Specializations

There are numerous non-degree options that a student can select for studying in the USA. At Abe Services , we ably guide the student to pick the right course that forms a perfect fit with the aptitude of the student, the time that the student has at his/her disposal. The future plans of the student, and the budget available. We also inform the student if funding options are available for the course. Our counsellors will help the student with the admission and application procedures step by step including the documentation and the paperwork.

Benefits Of Studying Diploma Courses In America

The USA is a hot favourite destination when it comes to doing non-degree courses. Some of the reasons for this rising trend are the following:

  • Diplomas make the student job ready in a short period of time.
  • The students can land a job faster after a diploma course.
  • The chances of earning more are very high.
  • Diploma courses take a shorter duration to complete and hence are cheaper.
  • Diploma courses are flexible in nature.
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