The USA is the world’s most popular study destination for both undergraduates and postgraduates. There are close to a million students from different parts of the world that study in this country. Other than popularity, the students choose to go here and study because it is one of the biggest in terms of the number of universities that offer higher education.

Around 1700 institutions offer postgraduate courses for study in the USA. The PG courses in the USA are popular for the comprehensive approach that they offer for research and enhanced knowledge of the subject.

Unlike in many other countries where Master’s Courses are either taught courses or research-based, PG courses in the USA are mainly taught units interspersed with continuous assessments and training tasks.

While community colleges in the USA offer only undergraduate courses, liberal arts colleges offer PG courses and Master’s programs. There are public and private universities that offer Master’s and PhD programs.

A master’s program in the USA takes around two years (full-time study) to complete. The course is designed so that the student develops comprehensive knowledge in the chosen discipline. Professional Master’s programs are geared to provide vocational and technical training for specific professions.

Applying for a Master’s program in the USA is an extensive process. The student is required to be an undergraduate in a field that is related or similar to the applied Master’s program. The result obtained at the degree level is usually converted to a GPA score to be used in the application.

Some graduate programs may require scores from graduate admission tests (GMAT/GRE) to be enclosed along with the application. There are likely to be personal interviews once the student is shortlisted. Some academic programs also require research statements to be enclosed with the application.

For applicants whose first language is not English, they have to submit scores of a recognized language proficiency test such as TOEFL/IELTS/PTE. The student has to be ready with a student visa along with the admission secured in the university.

Areas of Specializations

Pursuing masters in the USA is a dream harboured by many students across the world. With expert faculty, world-class learning centres and a student-friendly atmosphere, USA is a great destination for students. With over 1700 institutions offering PG courses, selecting the right course and university is not easy.

Expert counsellors that we have at Abe Services will help you with the selection of the course and university and submission of applications. We also guide the student on matters relating to the procurement of the visa, payment of fees and funding information.

Benefits of Studying Masters in the USA

With a number of universities and an array of courses to choose from, the USA still remains the best destination for a student to complete his/her postgraduate studies. The other reasons to complete PG courses in the USA are:

  • Institutions offering PG courses in the USA are world class and many of them top the world rankings in specific disciplines.
  • The qualifications offered span a wide range of subjects and such a variety is not found in any other nation.
  • Though the USA is not a cheap place to study in, there are many funding opportunities that international students can make use of.
  • The student can enjoy a modern and contemporary lifestyle.
  • The student can make friends with people from many other countries who come to study here.
  • The student gets the chance to improve his/her speaking/ cognitive skills.
  • The student can develop an international outlook and enhance his/her CV.
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