Find out all you need to know about scholarships for international students in the USA. Studying in the US has been a dream of many international students, and Indian students are no exception. It can be quite expensive to study here, but good planning of your finances will help you take care of it. You can apply for scholarship to study in USA which will help you cover a part of your expenses. Meritorious students from around the world can fund their education in this Country by applying for scholarships. Different scholarships offer different coverage based on factors like criteria, location, institution, course chosen, etc. Apart from the American government, many private and public establishments offer bursaries and scholarships in USA. It is important to carefully check the criteria, closing dates and other details before applying for the scholarship.

What are the factors considered while giving scholarships for international students in USA?

Excellence in academics is the most important factor considered while giving scholarships. The destination chosen, subject of interest, level, etc. are also important factors considered while awarding scholarships and grants to deserving candidates. Volunteering and other extracurricular activities can also be considering as a determining factor for some scholarships. It is important to remember that each University has their own set of parameters considered for scholarships.

How much financial assistance do scholarships provide?

The amount of money available varies depending on the scholarship chosen. While some offer more than 50% of the course fee, some others cover living and travel expenses too. Obtaining a government funded scholarship can be more tricky as there is a lot more competition for these as compared to scholarships by universities. Thus, interested students must start the process at least 3-6 months in advance to ensure better chances. If at any point you have any doubts regarding scholarships and wish to know more about it, you can contact the college for more details. If you wish for personal assistance to apply for the best scholarship that is suitable for your profile, contact our expert team of counsellors at Abe Services

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