The USA is a prominent destination for undergraduate study for international students because the country offers many different subjects in some of the world-class universities that are present there. Added to this, many of the programs offer flexibility in the choice of subjects and the quality of education is very high thus making it a highly preferred destination by aspiring students.

Students that pursue their UG courses in the USA also stand the chance of being practically trained in the field of their study. This makes their qualification special and stands out from many others in a crowd.

Any student that wants to do graduation courses in the USA can opt for either two-year programs or four-year programs. There are over 1000 colleges that offer two-year UG courses and over 2000 colleges and universities that offer four-year courses. The colleges that offer 2-year program are called junior colleges or community colleges.

Junior/Community colleges offer an Associate Degree on completion of the 2-year program. This indicates completion of a broad base of education in a preferred subject. The 4-year programs lead to college/undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees in different subjects and their combinations.

The curriculum for college/undergraduate Bachelor’ degree requires that students study from a wide range of subjects for the purpose of acquiring a broad educational foundation.

Students applying for the undergraduate program in the USA are required to have strong academic credentials in their secondary school examinations and high grades therefrom. They are also required to score basic minimum scores in SAT/ACT and SAT subject tests. For any international student applying for an undergraduate course in the USA, it is mandatory for them to qualify in the TOEFL examination with minimum scores.

Areas of Specializations

The first step to do UG courses in USA is to research your options and search for a university or community college that offers subjects that best fit your requirements.

As far as the eligibility requirements for undergraduate programs in the USA are concerned, each university or college sets its own criteria and standards and decides the choice of applicants that meet those standards. Any student should, therefore, apply separately to any college or university.

It is also important that the student applies to more than one college/university as it is possible that the ‘first’ school may not accept the application. Abe Services has expert counsellors to help students in selecting the best subject combinations and to select the appropriate colleges and universities to apply for the course.

In line with providing the very best to our clients, we help students with the application process and the documentation required. We also keep them informed of the various funding possibilities and scholarships that they can avail during the course study.

Benefits Of Studying Graduation Courses In The USA

The USA is a country that is known for its high quality of education at the undergraduate level. Given below are a few other reasons why you should do UG courses in the USA.

  • Many of the universities and colleges that offer UG courses are world renowned.
  • Many of these institutions are among the top 20 in the world rankings.
  • The courses offer flexible options to the UG student according to their aptitudes and interests.
  • A degree from the USA gives the student many international career opportunities.
  • The student gets a chance for research in a preferred subject at the graduate level in the USA. This is a great advantage.
  • Colleges are well-equipped and have the latest infrastructure.
  • Campuses offer opportunity, freedom, and fun in the USA.
  • International students are eligible for a number of scholarships and grants.
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