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What It’s Like To Study, Work & Live In Canada?

If you have always aspired to study and live abroad, you may have already rounded up a few destinations. Among many other foreign countries, Canada has become a preferred destination for those who wish to study and settle down abroad owing to many factors. It is considered as one of the top ten places in the world in terms of quality of living. The country boasts an excellent education system and is one of the most welcoming destinations for immigrants. Read on to get a glimpse of life in Canada and what you can expect while pursuing your education here.

Studying in Canada

Canada boasts of a world-class education system, on par with the best countries to study in the world. It has evolved as a very popular destination for international students due to its superior quality education, reasonable cost of living and many stay back opportunities.

The country is home to many top-rated global universities and the students who opt to study in Canada can choose from a diverse range of course specializations available. The cost of education is much more economical as compared to countries like the USA, and the cost of living is much lesser too.
Thanks to many scholarships and part-time job opportunities, you can earn your keep and cut down the cost of your education considerably.

Canadian nationals are known to be extremely helpful and friendly, and it is considered as one of the safest places to reside at. Individuals from around the world choose to study and live in Canada and hence, you can be assured of gaining plenty of exposure to diverse cultures and ideas.

While you are studying, you can also take up many extracurricular activities, social work etc. which will help you hone your skills and shape your personality. Studying in Canada is surely going to make you a prized asset for any employer, as you will get exposure to diverse conditions and situations that will gear you to take on more challenges.

The benefits of studying in Canada don’t stop at getting a world-class education, but you can be assured that you can work here and make a promising life in this country. Studying in Canada is going to not only enhance your resume, but it can also be a gateway to a better life for you and your loved ones.

Working in Canada

As discussed above, the student visa allows you to work while you study in Canada. Most international students can work for up to 20 hours per week, and they can take up full-time work during scheduled breaks without applying for a work permit. A student can work on or off-campus during their education. Working on campus includes teaching, working as a research assistant, etc., depending on the qualification of the student. Working off-campus includes a wide array of jobs that one can take up based on their skills and inclinations. It could be the job of a barista or working as a gym instructor; the choices are diverse.

Once your course is over, you will have to stop working as a student. However, if you wish to continue working, you can do so by applying for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. It allows you to work for any employer in Canada, and your stay can last for up to three years after you graduate. However, you need to apply within 90 days of receiving a written confirmation that you have concluded your studies.

Canada is thriving with many career opportunities in diverse fields. Many sectors are still short of qualified and skilled staff, and employers are looking for talented individuals throughout Canada. Healthcare industry, IT, and engineering are some of the fields with great job opportunities. You can opt for permanent residency or a temporary work permit.

Life in Canada

The stunning landscape, crisp, clean air and friendly people are some of the highlights of living in Canada. The country is rich in natural beauty and offers a balanced modern life amidst a clean and green environment. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you can be at ease knowing that the cost of living is much cheaper compared to countries like the UK and the USA. While Montreal is rich in diverse cultures, Toronto is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Different parts of Canada offer a promising and wholesome life to those who wish to stay temporarily or settle down here. People from around the world have chosen to make Canada their home, so you can be assured to never feel out of place when you reside here.

The government policies and practices are very citizen-friendly, making it a great place to reside at. Whether it’s the work-life balance or the income per household, one can be assured of a relaxed and content life where you can find the right balance of work and family life. It is one of the safest places in the world where you can enjoy a carefree life with your loved ones.

Canada’s free universal healthcare system is no surprise for anyone, and a resident can enjoy this facility that is funded by the taxes paid by the citizens themselves. Considering the number of parks, clean environment and superior quality of life, Canada ranks third in health and 17th in life expectancy. There are many opportunities to take up hobbies, commit to social service and to interact with different people. Living in Canada can not only give you a chance to live a better life, but it also gives you an opportunity to develop your personality.

Canada has so much to offer to both students and individuals who wish to make a life here. Talking to individuals who have studied here and who are residing in Canada will give you a clear picture of what to expect while studying in this country. Studying here can lead you to greater avenues and it will open doors to a brighter future for you. Whether you wish to study or reside here, there is a lot of scope for learning, exploration and personal growth.

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